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Fluid coke is made in a continuous process in which heated feedstocks are sprayed into a fluidized bed of hot (500°C) coke particles. The feedstock is vaporized and deposited on the coke particles. The particles grow by layers until they are removed and new seed coke particles are added.

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Calcined petroleum coke Calcined petroleum coke (CPC) uses green petroleum coke as raw material. It is prepared by heating below 1400°C. The carbon content is about 98.5%.

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Calcined pet coke is a precarious element and has strong appliion in the production of anodes in metal processing and other end use industries. Furthermore, it is obtained by the raw petroleum coke from the refining process in the market.

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Hunan Xintan’s Calcined petroleum coke after high-temperature calcination, it has less impurities and harmful components, suitable for increasing carbon in gray iron casting

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CALCINED coke is produced by heating green coke to temperatures up to 1200 C. The resulting material consists essentially of carbon and contains virtually no hydrocarbon. With one exception, all the studies summarised in this document have been

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Other Name: Calcined petcoke/Recarburizer. /Recarburiser/. Model :XT-C01\XT-C02\XT-C03. Regular Package :25 kg small bags into ton bags. Origin :China. Appearance: Black Particles. Properties :High-temperature calcination, high carbon ontent, and few impurities. Appliion :Foundry industry is used to increase the carbon of gray iron castings;

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Fuel Grade, Calcined Coke, Fuel-grade coke is the most traded product in the global market for green and calcined petroleum coke in 2018. By Appliion Cement, Power, Steel, Aluminum, Others, In the global market, green and calcined petroleum coke is mainly used in cement, power, steel and aluminum, with the largest appliion being cement in 2018.

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Petroleum coke is manufactured by delayed coking of residues obtained from crude oil distillation units of petroleum refineries. The raw coke obtained is either sold as such or after calcination.

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Calcined Petroleum Coke Other means of identifiion: See list of products/grades in Section 16 Uses (and restrictions): Customer appliions for calcined petroleum coke in powder, granular or pellet form Supplier and contact information: 251 Forrester

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Petroleum Coke (green and calcined) Production, Market and Forecast in the CIS INFOMINE Research Group e-mail : [email protected] ; Phone: +7 (495) 988-1123 5 LIST OF TABLES: