The Black American music-oriented band (Funk, Soul, R&B et Acid Jazz) is a Belgian and French collective with a keen interest in mixing covers and original compositions in spirit of … dancing, joy and fun… all night long! Coming from different musical scenes and formations, the « Groove Machinists » join together to revive the « Master Pieces » of the 80's, 90's and create new ones. Founded back in the 90’s together with the singer Monday Justice, Groovemachine is lead today both with charm and energy by the talented Jo Gola...

"Groovy, Funky, Jazzy ... that’s all we love"

Jo Gola Jo Gola

Lead Vocal "Sweety Cameleon" of the Belgian musical stage. With her constantly evolving repertory, Jo Gola has been re-examining a profusion of musical universes in various projects going from Jazz to Funk passing by Latin and Soul. Her energetic, unconventional, and engaging personality is strongly addictive... So, be careful, you may not do without here ... we would have warned you!

Jean-Pierre Martin Jean-Pierre Martin

Bass (Guitar-Keyboard) "JP" his real name. His slap bass frequencies are renowned not only for charming the wildest groove-neophyte but also for turning your guts upside-down until you’ve reached the G spot of the Groove. A sexy beast, indeed, that often takes his victims away to the land of Blue Funk, blue like his eyes. Be careful, this satyr or orpheus, will hook you up very easily with his notes. He acquired firstly an academic formation, and then started Americans Black Music that he particularly loves. Later, JP followed the classes of Cédric Waterschoot. He collaborated and took part in several musical projects like The Flys or Bequest with whom he record and released two CD albums. He plays most of all on Brussels stages like the ex Travers, the ex New York Cafe, the Mirano Continental, several Jazz Marathon, etc... In the 90's, he created Groovemachine with the singer Monday Justice, who’s now in England for a solo career ( Loves covers from the 80’s and 90’s that he revisite with his own sensibility. Now, heads for compositions.

Franck Guetatra Franck Guetatra

Saxophone "Franckie".Of Parisian origin, Franck approached in a first time a classic formation in study of music. He followed seminary, master class and music academy with notorious teachers like David Liebman, Lew Tabackin, Rick Margitza, Steve Houben. He will play in Paris during 5 years for several Clubs like the Slow Club.He also accompanies Danny Brillant, Tony Marlow band, etc... Then he moved to Belgium and started playing with the Dominoes, The Bab's all stars, Jogola, Martha Mus, Gino Latucca, Toots Thielemans, To be or not to bop, etc... He is also regularly involved in several Jazz Marathons. More recently he has found the land of promises in Germany where he cooperates with Deborah Wilson, Jane Palmer, Harriet Lewis, Gene Connors"Mighty Fly", Jean Shy, The voyagers and the Jazz rallye Düsseldorf, Jazz festival Gronau, Köln, Stuttgart, Munich, etc... Switzerland, Italy, Spain, England, Morocco, Tunisia, Holland, Denmark and Austria are also part of his impressive visit card !!!

Fabrice Mirco Fabrice Mirco

Drums 'Groovy Fabb' started playing drums quite late around 18 Years old with a rock band. He studied music for a further 3 years whilst playing rock and pop. After his encounter with jazz, he started to understand and study with passion the basics of Groove, Funk and Jazz Funk. At the moment, he is touring with Kyfun on the Pop Groove scene and with Achille who is working on his latest album. The blues group Wanted has been playing with him for the last 2 years. He is also part of a group of musicians at Barzaac Record with whom he does many recording sessions. He was also part of the recording of Eteban Lee's album (pianist singer) and continues passionately his apprenticeship of Jazz, Funk and black American music. He has recently joined the « team » Groovemachine with whom new creative work will begin.